Christoph Traxler


„His hands glide sovereignly over the piano keys in an intoxicating manner, presenting an explosive listening experience....“

Born and raised in Upper Austria, educated in Linz and Vienna, Christoph Traxler has established himself  internationally as a pianist with an enormously wide range.
Interwoven with the classical tradition, he goes beyond the boundaries of classical music with the ensemble „Philharmonix – The Vienna Berlin Music Club.“ His passion, empathy, experience, as well as his repertoire and knowledge, make him a demanded solo artist, chamber musician, accompanist and university lecturer, and emphasize his excellent position within the young international generation of pianists.


Christoph Traxler played with noble reserve and diffidence as attentive chamber music partner. As soloist he showed his comprehensive ability, ranging from virtuous rapid keyboard thunder to caressing the keys.

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Christoph Traxler
Groß-Raßbergstraße 91 d
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